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Full Solutions to Transfer Data to Any New iPhone

With Apple releasing its new iPhone or updating the New iOS, a whole lot of us will be looking to upgrade from old iPhone or old iOS, and some of android users might just finally make the switch to experience what has been dubbed the most significant iOS update till date. But, many users forget about one thing – their files. They will have to transfer their files from their old iPhone somehow. In this article, we’ll make sure you know everything needed to make your data transition to a new iPhone.

Though you could back up all of your files to iCloud. Or, you could back them up on your iTunes. But, this process can be such a drag. It takes you long time to create backups. And, after you create the backup it is very likely that you have multiple backups already. So, how do you choose the right one? And, the worst thing that may happen is that you overwrite, for example, your iTunes backups when you connect your new iPhone 7 (Plus) to the computer. That would have been a waste, wouldn’t it? These processes already sound so complicated, and many users do not even bother to try it out.

One of the most popular data transfer softwares out there, MobileTrans makes it all too easy for you to transfer data. This can include everything contacts to text messages and even other media that includes photos, music and videos. You can even transfer the different apps between iPhone and Android and other Operating Systems that include OS as old as Nokia (Symbian) phones- in just a click! What's more, it supports more than 3,000 phones and different networks. Also, this program gives you the ability to permanently and securely delete data from your phone, without being able to recover ever again. This feature can be extremely useful when you are selling your phone, or giving it to someone.

Now, let us show you how simple it is to transfer iPhone data using this phone data transfer tool. You could download it and have a try.

Part 1. Transfer data from old iPhone/Android/Nokia to new iPhone

Part 2. Transfer data from kies/iTunes/iCloud/BlackBerry backup to new iPhone

Part 1. Transfer data from old iPhone/Android/Nokia to new iPhone

First of all, you need to run MobileTrans. After you do so, click Start to enter the phone to phone transfer window.

Then, make sure to connect two devices. The device you want to transfer data from and the device you want to transfer the data to. The devices can be Android, iOS or Symbian. To connect the devices, use the USB cables you got with them. Once the devices are connected this software tool will detect them. Then, you will notice the following window.

If you pay attention, you will notice that data from the source phone is listed in the middle of the screen. You can choose what data you will transfer. You can select all data or maybe photos only. After you are done with the selection process, click on the ‘Start Copy’ button. All chosen data will be copied to the destination phone.

That is it. Transferring data from one phone to another phone has never been easier before.

Part 2. Transfer data from kies/iTunes/iCloud/BlackBerry backup to new iPhone

This time, we will focus on backup transfer to iPhone. There are two ways to achieve this. The first way includes transferring data from iCloud to iPhone. The second way will show you how to transfer the data from your computer, iTunes or even kies backup to your new iPhone.

1. Transferring Data from iCloud to iPhone

First of all open MobileTrans and look for the iCloud icon. To start the process, you need to click on it so you could enter the ‘Restore from iCloud’ backup mode. The program will ask you to enter your iCloud account data. Don’t worry, this software will never save your Apple ID or password.

In order to restore the iCloud backup you will need to download it.

After the download is finished, connect your target device. Choose the files you want to transfer and click on the ‘Start Copy’ button.

That’s it. The entire process was explained in a couple of sentences.

2. Transferring Data from Computer/kies/Blackberry backup to iPhone

First of all, to be able to restore a backup, you will need to back something up first. Run this smart gadget and select the “Backup Your Phone” option in the home menu. Choose the data that you wish to backup, and it will back up the data you have chosen. Or you can directly restore the backup from iTunes, kies, Blackberry or other backup file to your iPhone.

In the options provides, choose backup file.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using USB cables. Ensure that this gadget recognizes your device. Select the files from the iTunes backup you would like to transfer. If you want to clear data in your destination device before transferring any data, check the "clear data before copy" box below the destination device.

Click on “Start Copy “to begin the process. Keep phone connected through the process.

And that is it!

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Lincoln Spector, is a senior editor for giveumore studio and is enjoying discovering most useful Tips and Tricks in the iOS world.

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