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Is your iPhone storage full? Here's the easiest way to manage storage on iPhone

One of the challenges iPhone users encounter every day is making the most of the space available on it. Do you hit a wall whenever you try to update iOS or take a video or download a new recommended app? Storage almost Full message appearing constantly on iPhone?

Though there are plenty of ways you can manage storage on iPhone, it is a nightmare to manually manage the storage space available on your iPhone to reclaim every MB of storage space available if possible. Some readers email us and want to know the easiest and quickest way to Manage Storage on iPhone. That's why I wrote this post.

Search on google you'll get dozens of ways to manage manage storage on iPhone. The most common advices are uninstall unwanted Apps, manage photos and videos, clean out text messages/iMessages, optimize iOS operating system and all kinds of junks files like Safari cookies, email temporary data, caches, temp files generated by App and iTunes syncs, etc. That means you’ll spend a good bit of time by using iOS system features to manually perform each operation. How to manage storage on iPhone fast and easy? Use the right software that could be the easiest way. Manage storage on iPhone manually would requiring or wasting much time, but just need a few clicks if you use the software tool. Your feelings on that comparison will tell you if this kind of program is worth to use or not.

Here we review top 2 iPhone storage manage software programs to help you manage storage on iPhone easily and conveniently.

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Top 1: SafeEraser

Top 2: PhoneClean

Top 1: SafeEraser - Click here for More details >>


SafeEraser is iPhone storage management program specially tailored for all iOS devices users.

It could automatically scan iOS system junk files, download temp files, App generated files, log files, cache files, unused App and other junk data on your iPhone, and enables you to clear junk storage files on your iPhone with a few clicks.

Compress iPhone captured photos and export photo to reclaim more storage is another useful feature. You can use the compressed photos as usual, and the photo quality keeps original, the only difference is that you can get up to 75% storage back.

In order to protect your privacy, you can use it to erase deleted files. Because simple deletion is not safe, they are still stored on your iPhone.

One-click to Permanently Erase All Data on iPhone is useful for protecting your privacy before selling, recycling or donating your old iPhone. After erasing iPhone by this tool, your bank account, password, sensitive photos, and other important data can't be recovered by the wrong hands.

Pros & Cons


+ Erase deleted files that nobody would know what you have deleted.
+ One-click to permanently erase everything on iPhone provides you a hands-free experiences.
+ With the photo compressed feature, it frees up more storage on iPhone than other App does.


– As iPhone storage manager software, there are no obvious drawbacks.

Top 2: PhoneClean - Click here for More details >>


PhoneClean provides easy yet comprehensive cleaning solution to manage storage on iPhone. It brings you the hands-free cleaning, in-depth privacy protection, speed-up and iOS maintaining features.

It provides an advanced feature, Silent Clean, it could automatically detect your iPhone when it uses the same Wi-Fi network as your computer, or share the same Wi-Fi hotspot with it. Then, it will find a variety of junk files on your iPhone, decide what's safe to delete, and do the cleaning simultaneously. As everything gets done in background, you even don't have to open it.

One place for all your iPhone cleaning, it allows to selectively erase App caches, App cookies, App temp files, crash log, download temp files, iTunes radio caches, user storage files, iOS invalid data, camera photo caches, filter photo caches, photos in tash, artwork caches, large & old media files, safari caches, safari cookies, safari history, browsing history, webmail caches, call histories, messages, notes, voicemail, App leftovers, iOS notifications, etc. and other junk data and just need a few clicks.

The Tool Box feature enables you to find all duplicate contacts info and merge them, and clean notes, calendars, media, etc. in PhoneClean with an intuitive interface.

Fully backup iPhone before any cleaning action. If you have mistakenly deleted anything that are still useful, like your photos, messages of notes, then you can choose a backup point before you lose these data, and perform restore with ease.

Pros & Cons


+ Automatically detect your iPhone, decide what's safe to delete, and do the daily cleaning simultaneously.
+ Tool Box function keeps your device well organized.
+ Fully Backup your iPhone before any deleting.


– It can't permanently erase all data on iPhone by one-click.

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