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How to Get Music Off iPhone, iPod or iPad to Computer/iTunes

"Does anyone know how to get music off iPhone 7? I have downloaded some free songs from Internet via iPhone, but now I can't get them out to iTunes Library, or to computer as well. Please give me some suggestions or advice. Thanks!"

Everyone knows how easy it is to transfer music onto an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with the help of iTunes, but have you ever tried to get music off an iPhone, iPod or iPad and onto a new computer? The majority of music management functions on iOS devices are handled by iTunes, and despite of all its friendliness, you cannot get music off iPhone to PC/Mac, as iTunes works as a one-way tool. Using iTunes, you can transfer music from iTunes to iPhone, but not the way back except the purchases media files. So if you need to get music off iPhone and transfer to computer, professional third party software would be needed. One such software that works as a perfect iPhone data transfer is TunesGo. Using the software, you can transfer iPhone music to Mac, PC, and even iTunes.

Now, let us show you how to get music off iPhone to computer (Mac/PC) or iTunes.

Part 1. How to Get Music Off iPhone to Mac

Part 2. How to Get Music Off iPhone to PC

Part 3. How to Get Music Off iPhone to iTunes

Part 1. How to Get Music Off iPhone to Mac

TunesGo is a complete phone manager, and one stop solution to all phone management needs. Using the Mac version of the software, you can quickly get music off iPhone to your Mac. The interface of the software is simple, which makes the ripping process quick and easy. Along with other features, the software also allows to rip DVD to iPhone without any complicated process.

Step 1. Buy & Download, then Install and Launch TunesGo on your Mac, and connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable.

Step 2. From the top menu bar, select “Music” tab and music management window will appear. The type of music files on your iPhone will appear on the left side panel – Music, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks and Playlists.

Step 3. Select the desired songs from the list on the right panel and click “Export”.

Next select the target folder on your Mac, where you wish the music files to and click “Save”. The music files will be successfully transferred.

Alternatively, if you want to get all the music files off from a music category, select the category, right click and tap on “Export to Mac” option.

Part 2. How to Get Music Off iPhone to PC

TunesGo is amazing software that allows to rip iPhone music to PC with just a few steps. Transferring purchased music from iPhone to PC is still easy, but when it comes to non-purchased music, the process is tedious and complicated. TunesGo proves to be an apt choice here, as the software allows purchased as well as non-purchased music transfer. The trial version of the software allows to get music off iPhone free and converts them to the format compatible with the devices.

Step 1. Launch Tunes, and connect iPhone with your PC using a USB cable.

Step 2. Tap on “Music” from top menu bar and the music management window will open.

Step 3. From the list of music files, select the one that you wish to get off iPhone. Click on “Export” and from drop down menu select “Export to PC”. From pop-up window, select the target folder on your PC where you wish to save the selected music files and click OK.

Alternatively, if you want to get all the music files off iPhone then select the category type of music (Music, iTunes U, Podcasts, Audiobooks), right click and select “Export to PC” option.

Part 3. How to Get Music Off iPhone to iTunes

TunesGo also enables to get music off iPhone to iTunes, so that there is the backup of music files on iTunes library. If your PC/Mac crashes or you buy a new PC, then you can conveniently rebuild the complete music library of your iPhone on new system, by using the “Rebuild iTunes Library” feature of the software. Along with the music, the software also transfer other media content using “Rebuild iTunes Library” function and this includes, Podcasts, Home videos, music videos, playlists, and others.

Step 1. Launch TunesGo and connect iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. On the main software interface, click “Rebuild iTunes Library”.

Step 2. Click “Start” from pop-up window. The software will scan the media files on iPhone, and will display the ones which are not present on iTunes library.

From the given list, select the music files that you want to rip from iPhone to iTunes and then tap on “Start” at the bottom-right corner.

The music files will successfully get off iPhone to iTunes library. Considering the above features and functions, TunesGo can be considered as the best iPhone data transfer tool that allows to get songs off iPhone to PC, Mac, and iTunes. The trial version of the software acts as an iPhone transfer free and allows testing the software before going for the paid version.

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