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How to Effectively Free Up iPhone Storage Space

Running out of storage space is a frequent problem encountered by iPhone users. iPhone is a smart phone designed with magnificent features such as large inbuilt memory space up to 16gb, 32gb and 64gb that can be used to store videos, songs, applications and word files. It does not support the use of external storage card unlike other brands of smart phones like Android or symbian which is a set back or limitation of this impeccable device. Consequently smart phones of similar functionality have competitively been an alternative to the use of iPhone. This unfavourable situation faced by iPhone users geared up concerned device specialist and technician to come about a way to free up some storage space on the device. Solutions to this problem have been discovered but some methods what difficult to apply. Here we post the most 2 popular methods to free up iPhone storage.

Part 1: Free Up iPhone Storage Space Manually

Part 2: One-stands to Free Up iPhone Storage Space by Software

Part 1: Free Up iPhone Storage Space Manually

1. Delete unused apps

It is of no doubt that it is impossible for you to resist the temptation of downloading interesting and top notch app like games, productivity apps, educational apps and other utilities from app store. So using up your in built storage space is not startling. Worry less because it is now possible to delete such unused app that uses up the memory space by using the methods below;

Method 1

This method is made easy, simply press and hold on any app icon on your iphone home screen that you intend to delete until all the icons on the home screen start wiggling. To be sure if you are getting it right, all downloaded apps will most likely start wiggling in few seconds along with an indicative sign "small X" on top of each app. To finalize this process, simply press the "X" on the particular app's icon and the selected apps will be deleted.

Method 2

There is an alternative method of deleting apps on your iPhone, you have a choice to use your more preferred method. Another way to delete apps on your iPhone and free up your storage space is by following these steps; go to settings > General > Usage, here you can access all your apps and how much of memory is used by them. Having known the apps that consume more memory space, you can simply press on the app name and then press on the "delete app" option to delete unwanted apps.

2. Remove old podcast and videos

Podcast and videos consume a lot of space on your iPhone and as such, steps on how to delete them to free up spaces on your iPhone has been found.

Step 1: The first step taken is to unsubscribe form obsolete podcast, this is achieved by accessing podcasts app, when you have accessed podcasts app, you then click on the "edit" option, X sign on the upper left corner of the particular podcast will pop up. Then you click on the "done" option to finalize the process.

Step 2: When you have successfully finished the first step you can then delete any obsolete podcast episode. In order to achieve this, access your podcast and then swipe the episode to the left hand side to view the delete option.

3. Save valuable photos to computer and then delete the unwanted ones

Follow and adhere to Apple Support Guide or use this app to Delele All Photos from iPhone in order to save iPhone photos on your personal computer and delete unwanted photos from your iPhone.

4. Clear your browser cache

Users that basically use Safari often, Web history and unwanted data will be stored on your iPhone. To clear Safari's browser cache, open up to access the Settings app and click on Safari. Scroll down and click Clear History and Website Data. For users that use Chrome as an alternative to Safari, browsing data are cleared or deleted by opening the Chrome app, clicking on the menu icon in the upper right corner (three vertical dots), tapping History at the bottom of the screen and clicking clear browsing data.

Part 2: One-stands to Free Up iPhone Storage Space by Software Tool - SafeEraser.

You can buy & download it from the buttons below.

1. Clean junk files

Step 1: Launch SafeEraser, connect your iPhone to your computer and wait until the application detects your device. Once done, press the '1-Click Cleanup' option from the main interface of the app.

Step 2: As soon as the scanning process is completed, the total amount of junk present on your iPhone can be viewed. Simply click on the 'Clean Up' option button to commence the deletion of the junk files. The cleaning process will be done in few minutes.

2. Erase Deleted Data

Step 1: Just like computer that stores deleted files in the recycle bin before being completely erased, so do iPhones operate. This step or process is a way to delete items or files that have been trashed in your iPhone but still occupy memory space. We start by launching iPhone Cleaner, then we select the 'Erase Deleted Files' option from the main interface.

Step 2: Once the app has scanned your device for all deleted files that are still occupying memory space at undisclosed locations on your iPhone, simply click on the 'Erase Now' button. Files that you intend deleting can also be selected.

Step 3: You will not be required to enter 'delete' in the next pop up window and then click on the Erase Now button once again.

Furthermore, iPhone Cleaner helps to clean sensitive data in order to maintain secured privacy. It can also help to delete unused apps, old podcast and videos, photos, browser cache; App generated data and many more. It works for any iPhone generation and other iOS devices, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, etc.

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