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How to Backup Windows 7 in An Easy Way

Have you ever encountered any tiresome system problem in Windows 7, such as system crash, boot failure, etc? According a survey, there are many users that have suffered the pain of these serious system problem. Backup generally refers to creating copies of important data. With these copies, you can recover your data after an unexpected computer disaster. Therefore, the main purpose of backup can be summarized as an effective remedy for system failure or data loss.

Although the backup and restore tool in Windows 7 is already better than the last one, in case you need something more professional or convenient, here comes Todo Backup Home which can give a better performance in doing the entire computer, operation system, or files backup. In addition, compared with Windows 7 built-in backup tool, Todo Backup Home is easier to use; runs faster; saves more spaces by advanced compression function; provides more choices while setting up a backup task, such as backing up to more locations as long as it can be detected by Windows, keeping more backup tasks running on schedule rather than one; choosing files to backup besides folders, setting a filter to exclude the files you don’t want to backup, and more.

Windows Operation System is very important for a computer. It is very necessary to protect it in the event
of system crashes. How to backup Windows 7 easily and fast? Look at the below guidance. Apart from Windows 7, it can work all the editions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8/Vista/XP/2003/2008 etc.

Step 1: Download and Run Todo Backup Home

Free Download Todo Backup Home

In the new home page, it contains 3 main areas. The entries of all available backup options can be found in this area, with them, you can directly start a new backup job here.

Step 2. Select "System Backup"

This tool provides the easiest way to protect your operating system. As the necessary partitions for system boot will be selected as the backup target here automatically. You just need to perfect the Destination, Plan name and Description.

Basic Settings:

Destination - Click the folder icon to modify your backup destination.

Plan name and Description - An accurate plan name and appropriate description will help you distinguish easily.

Advanced clone settings:

These advanced settings can help you create a flexible and automatic backup plan. Create a automatic backup plan with Schedule, edit the advanced parameters with Backup options, add image retention rule with Image-reserve strategy.

However, without these advanced settings, it can still give you a simple and intact backup image. All in all, with the help of Todo Backup Home, you will solve a lot of problems in a few minutes.

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