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Best PC Wiper of 2018

Computer Wipe Software

Is there any need for a utility to wipe computer? Developer stellarinfo sure hopes so, as the company has released an update to its multi-function app, BitRaser for File. Unlike the questionable peddlers of other Computer Wipe software, stellarinfo is an established company that produces quality software. Apps like Wipe Mac, which enables you to clean up Mac super quick and easy, have been used extensively at the GiveUMore offices for years. In fact, stellarinfo apps overall are lightweight, run quickly, and feature great user friendly designs.

Previous versions of BitRaser for File have received generally positive ratings from major publications, and our good experience with other stellarinfo software led us to give it shot, so we contacted the developer and had them send us a copy, which we’ve been testing for the past few weeks.



    It’s clear that BitRaser works as advertised. In addition, a nice dashboard view, using it is very straightforward. It combines many different functions into a single app, with a focus on erasing files, folders, Application traces, system traces, internet activities as well as volumes from Windows based systems without leaving any possibility for recovery.

    The problem, however, is that some features the app offers can be found elsewhere, often for free, but you should takes some advanced computer know-how. Therefore, at a launch price of $39.99 for a single PC, you’ll want to make your purchase decision based on the convenience that BitRaser can provide, not necessarily its capabilities.


    That makes the decision to pay or not boil down to the value of your time and your computer know-how. You’ll spend a good bit of time launching various free apps and OS system utilities to manually perform each operation that BitRaser offers. Think about that time, and possible confusion, versus a single click in BitRaser. Your feelings on that comparison will tell you if it is worth it for you.


Permanently Delete Files & Folders from PC

  • Deletion, Formatting, Emptying Recycle Bin or some other methods cannot permanently delete data on PC. Because these methods doesn't completely destroy data. Instead, they erase references to the data's location on hard drive so the computer can't find it, that's why files or folders deleted in these ways could be recovered. Wiping is the best choice if you don't want your data falling in wrong hands. Wiping not only deletes the references but writes over the data itself, effectively eliminating it from the hard drive.
  • Erase all types of files like documents, photos,database, videos, audio, archives, emails, etc.

Wipe Hard Drive of Windows Computer

  • All hard drives installed on a windows computer could be wiped easily. Select the drive, in case you want to erase the full drive. If you choose to erase full drive, it will wipe all current data off the hard drive while leaving the Windows operating system intact. It is necessary to do so before delivering it to its next owner.
  • The software ensures complete erasing of data from your hard drive by wiping free space, from where sensitive data may have been deleted in the past.

Erase Data Generated by Apps

  • Erase apps data in various categories, such as, chat, emailing, document editing, peer to peer apps and so on. Auto-detects all the third party apps installed on your computer and clears the sensitive traces they log about you, supporting 300+ apps, such as, Skype, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Picasa, Bing Finance, SkyDrive, Yahoo Messenger, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Erase Browsers Activity Traces

  • Browsers record various sensitive traces about your activities, such as, Web addresses you've visited, pictures you've viewed, snapshots of your most frequently visited pages, words you've searched and so forth. Browsers record various sensitive traces about your activities, such as, Web addresses you've visited, pictures you've viewed, snapshots of your most frequently visited pages, words you've searched and so forth. The tool allows you to erase the traces of your internet activities that are stored on the hard disk.

Wipe Windows Traces

  • Windows logs tons of sensitive traces about your activities and stores them in folders at various locations on your hard drive. The erase tool is preconfigured to securely remove your Windows tracks, including the Temporary Internet Files, deleted data stored in the Recycle Bin and so on. In this way, it protect your privacy and improving the speed, performance and memory space of the computer.

Multiple Erasure Algorithms

  • It supports 17 International erasure standards, which can be selected by you as per your requirement. Including U.S. Department of Defense algorithm, DoD 5220.22 - M (3 passes), DoD 5200.22 - M (ECE) (7 passes), DoD 5200.28 - STD (7 passes) and Peter Gutmann, (35 passes).

Erase Data from Windows Compatible Machines and Data Storage Drives

  • Erase data from various devices including HDD, SSD, PCs, Servers, USB, memory card, digital camera, external hard drive, etc.

Tech spec

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 / 8 .1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Processor Pentium Class ( Intel, Cyrix, and AMD )
Memory Minimum 256 MB
Hard Disk 40 MB of Free Space



Editorial Reviews

"If you want to wipe a computer clean, BitRazer would ensure that your information is safe and permanently deleted, no matter clearing privacy history, bank information, internet activities, or other data on computer."

– From Connie Turrentine

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User Reviews

by Kim | 2018-03-07

I used it to wipe my computer, it did a good job. The interface is a little different from the old version.

by Sophie | 2018-02-20

I've searched a super easy to use software to wipe my computer for a long time. Finally, it's here.

by Lewies | 2018-01-09

I have lots of personal data stored on my computer. Now I want update it. Wanna try this tool.

by Kemi | 2017-12-12

Got it at the first time. It gives me back a totally new computer. Nice!

Dannial | 2017-10-16

Sounds great. I want to try.

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