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Top 3 iPhone Cleaner Review - 2018

    In search for something to help you free up iPhone space, you might have passed by hundreds of apps, but all of them turned out to be useless. Well here are the 3 best iOS memory cleaners that will help you to get free space quickly.

Top 1: Wondershare SafeEraser - Best Tested!

    SafeEraser is quite a simple app that contains very handy features for cleaning up your iOS devices. It has got some very innovative and useful features that let you clean your iPhone or any other iDevice on a daily basis. Essentially, it lets you remove deleted files, erase private data, completely clean your phone and get rid of unwanted files to free up space.

    In Our Test:

    I would like to say that SafeEraser is the best tool that you can use to cleanup your iOS devices. What I like the most about SafeEraser is that it erases all data completely making you 100% safe from any sort of privacy breaches. Meets mil-spec dod 5220 - 22 m standard for permanent data destruction; prevents personal data from being recoverable. This is quite important today since there are a number of cyber criminals who are constantly on a hunt for victims. Another biggest advantages of using SafeEraser is that it works faster than similar apps. That is, it does not matter how many junk or temporary files you may have, the app erase all of them in a jiffy without any sort of restrictions. In additon, it could free up to 75% of memory space on iPhone or iPad by data erase and photo compress features.

    File Types Supported to Erase: Messages, Call History, Facetime, Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, Safari Bookmarks, Photos, Videos, Apps, System Settings, Keyboard Cache, Passbook, iTunes DB, iMessage, Safari Favorites, Safari History, Voicemail, Apple ID, iCloud ID, Game Center, Apple Maps, Weather, Stocks, Newsstand and more.

    Visit Site:

    Key Features:

  • One-Click to Erase ALL Data of iPhone or iPad beyond the scope of recovery.
  • Scan iPhone or iPad for all the private data and erase it completely.
  • Erase deleted files, hence making them 100% unrecoverable.
  • Selectively erase junk files to increase its efficiency.
  • Free up iPhone or iPad's storage space.
  • Lossless compress the photos on iOS.
  • Export photos from iOS to computer.
  • Speed up iOS devices.

  • Screenshot:

Top 2: PhoneClean Pro

    PhoneClean Pro is a well done iOS cleaner application. Its interface has pleasant tones and is easy to assimilate; as the software executes only one function, there is no secret to know where one must click.

    In Our Test:

    PhoneClean Pro has shown itself efficient, capable of freeing a good amount of space in your iOS device. It is possible to safely affirm it won't leave privacy files behind, and it could automaticlly clean your iOS when connect to WIFI, regardless of how much space you free.

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    Key Features:

  • Optimize iOS Performance, Clean up junk files and fix various iOS errors with 1 click.
  • Integrating 20+ data analyzing technologies to clean up over 30 types of junk.
  • Offering 9 powerful iPhone & iPad tune-up tools for facilitating routine use.
  • 100% Safe and efficient iOS cleanup utility with No jailbreak required.
  • Fully support all iOS devices.

  • Screenshot:

Top 3: iMyfone Umate Pro

iMyfone Umate Pro is similar to SafeEraser. This program is able to eliminate files, execute data compression and by doing so, free up memory space effectively used by photos, manage and delete apps, recover storage, and increase the velocity of your iOS devices.

In Our Test:

    It's good to free some space in iPhone or iPad devices so that we can storage more music, install more apps and save more pictures. However, iMyfone Umate Pro can be quite inefficient at times. That means it is not stable enough. In addition, it does not have some essential features that the above two products do with regards to data erasing capabilities such as the option to delete certain file types.

    Visit Site:

    Key Features:

  • Back up and Delete Large Files to Get iOS Space Back.
  • Clear Temporary Files Thoroughly from iOS Devices.
  • Remove Unused Apps to Release Storage Space.
  • Clean up Junk Files to Free up iOS Space.
  • Preview and Selectively Erase Private Files.
  • Completely Erase Data, 100% Unrecoverable.

  • Screenshot:

Editorial Reviews

"Many apps claim to clear junk off your iPhone and boost its performance. I tested an assortment of ios optimization apps and was surprised to find most of them largely useless, only recommend 3 best ones."

– From Lincoln Spector

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